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Pre-conference phonosurgery workshop

Pre-conference phonosurgery workshop


Workshop length: 7h
Price: 150€/per person

The pre-conference phonosurgery workshop is a good opportunity for younger ENT surgeons to learn modern methods of phonosurgery. There will be an online broadcast from the operating theatre at the North Estonia Medical Centre Foundation.


There is also a meeting with operating surgeons and discussions of cases and operating methods will take place after the workshop. The operations will be performed by experienced and well-known surgeons.

Preconference phonosurgery workshop is chaired by distinguished phonosurgeons Yakubu Karagama (United Kingdom), Teemu Kinnari (Finland), and Lauri Maisvee (Estonia).

The fee also includes a coffee break and lunch.

If you would like to participate in the pre-conference phonosurgery workshop without attending PEVoC14, click the link below.

European Academy of Voice
One-day Tutorial

Workshop length: 9h
Price: 90€/per person

EAV continues to introduce newcomers in the field to the terms and principles of voice research. This tutorial was created to give a one-day, crash course on voice. It is meant for participants, who would like to understand basic measures and methods in voice research, find out the state-of-the-art in voice research, be updated on clinical assessment and voice therapy and get prepared for the upcoming presentations and discussions in regards to PEVoC14.

  1. Ahmed Geneid: "Clinical anatomy and physiology: how the voice works and why sometimes it doesn't"

  2. Markus Hess & Frank Müller: "Endoscopy, stroboscopy, VKG and high speed imaging"

  3. Nathalie Henrich & David Howard: "Aerodynamics and voice analysis"

  4. Christian Herbst: "Voice acoustics, microphones, recording and computers"

  5. Jenny Iwarsson: "Principles of voice therapy"

  6. Markus Hess: "Dissection and phonosurgery"

  7. Johan Sundberg: "Breathing and pulmonary function"

  8. Allan Vurma: "How the acoustic analysis helps to understand voice"

Download the detailed description here:

European Academy of Voice
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