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pre-conference additional events

09:00-16:00 Pre-conference workshop on phono surgery (not part of PEVOC14 programme, for additional fee) at the North Estonia Medical Centre

pevoc14 programme

9:00-19:00 Registration LOBBY

18:00-19:00 KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Allan Vurma, "Crossover Between Singing and Science", chair: Henrich Bernardoni CONCERT HALL

19:00-21:00 Welcome reception LOBBY

20:00-22:00 Tallinn Ghost & Legends Tour (not part of PEVOC14 programme, for additional fee)

25.08 thursday

09:15-10:00 Opening ceremony CONCERT HALL

10:00-11:00 KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Johan Sundberg, "The NOSE: Acoustic Properties and Effects on Phonation", chair: Markus Hess CONCERT HALL

11:00-11:30 Coffee break

11:30-13:30 Workshops and sessions I






11:30-12:30Elizabeth Ebbink, "Intimacy, power, connection, courage in business voices" ws

12:30-13:30Lisa Popeil, "Comparative commercial vocal styles" ws





11:30-12:30Mauro Barro Fiuza, "Phonation types: relations among artistic expression, healthy voice production and voice efficiency" ws


12:30-13:30Ville Laaksonen, "Mindful listening - an approach to impactful vocal expression" ws



11:30-13:30 BiP™ Voice Training session—Presentation of Balance in Phonation Voice Training, Helene Lux Dryselius and Susanna Metsistö RT



Basic Science—Topics of wider interest, 

chair: Dirk Mürbe

11:30-11:45David M. Howard, "Recent updates to the Vocal Tract Organ" FP


11:45-12:00Kati Järvinen, "Do acoustic characteristics of voice and speech indicate events of learning process?" FP

12:00-12:15Mario Fleischer, "Towards accurate modeling of speech sound radiation using a realistic head geometry" FP

12:15-12:30Gláucia Laís Salomão, "Listening to other’s emotions: a fMRI case-study on empathy arising from emotional voices" FP

12:30-12:45Jenni Lättilä, "Data mining operatic fachs" FP

12:45-13:00Benjamin Haas, "Advances in the optical design for laser-based 3D high-speed imaging of vocal folds" FP

13:00-13:15May Poon, "The influence of speakers’ speech quality on listeners’ purchase intention" FP




11:30-12:30Kirsti Leppänen, "Purento -  Learn new techniques for easing your client's muscle tensions!" ws





11:30-12:30 Teun Michiels and Annelies Labaere, "Manual laryngeal therapy and singing lessons: the impact of an integrated approach" mc



12:30-13:30Kevin Wilson, "Navigating the Musical Theatre Filter(s): A Vowel Guided Approach" ws


UEP—Feminization, chair: Ahmed Geneid

11:30-11:45Teemu J. Kinnari, "Wendler-glottoplasty, Helsinki experience since 1995" FP

11:45-12:00Kursat Yelken, "Tensioning Glottoplasty; a novel technique for voice feminization" FP

12:00-12:15Markus Hess, "Feminization of voice" FP

12:15-12:30James P. Thomas, "Feminization laryngoplasty with thyrohyoid elevation" FP

12:30-12:45Ahmed Geneid, "Pitfalls and tricks in glottoplasty and LAVA: how I increase the pitch of voice?" FP

12:45-13:00Britt Bøyesen,"Voice modification - the effect of the techniques twang and medialising in trans women" FP

13:00-13:15Gamze Yesilli Puzella,"A comprehensive communication program for male-to-female transgender individuals" FP



Voice Therapy—Different methods , chair: Baiba Trinite

11:30-11:45Pedro Amarante Andrade, "Pressure, flow, and glottal behaviour comparison between the Acapella Choice device and silicone tube phonation" FP

11:45-12:00Sol Ferrán, "Significance of the relative fundamental frequency in biomechanical phonatory disorders" FP

Voice Therapy—Evaluation, analysis, goals, chair: Jenny Iwarsson

12:00-12:15Baiba Trinite, "The investigation of voice ergonomics factors in choir conductors" FP

12:15-12:30Eeva Sala, "A Voice Ergonomic Tool - Amplification – a solution to decrease voice loading" FP

12:30-12:45Susanna Whitling, "Evolution of the VLT with specific controlled vocal demands to quantify vocal effort and vocal demand response" FP

12:45-13:00Kathrin Heeg,  "Possible long-term effects of a voice prevention program in former student teachers" FP


 Bioacoustics, chair: Christian Herbst

12:30-12:45Coen P.H. Elemans, "Vocal neuromechanics: Embodied motor control of the animal voice" FP

12:45-13:00Sven Grawunder, "Prospects and problems of comparing functional larynx morphology in human primates" FP

13:00-13:15Takeshi Nishimura, "Vocal anatomy and physiology: similarities and differences between humans and nonhuman primates" FP

13:15-13:30Andrea Ravignani, "The evolution of rhythm: A comparative approach" FP

13:30-14:30 Lunch break

14:30 -15:30 KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Matthias Echternach, Vocal Instabilities in Physiology and Pathophysiology, chair: Ahmed Geneid CONCERT HALL

15:30-16:30 Workshops and sessions II





15:30-16:30EVTA president Susan Yarnall Monks, "Voice Care Corner Workshop" ws





15:30-16:30Felicita Brusoni, "A voice beyond the edge – exploring the borders of voice" ws





15:30-16:30Helene Lux Dryselius and Susanna Metsistö, "BiP™ Voice Training workshop - Speaking voicews


Medical—VF pareses/paralyses, chair: Berit Schneider-Stickler

15:30-15:45Linda Sõber, "Voice and swallowing disorders after thyroid surgery" FP


15:45-16:00Secundino Fernández, "Aerodynamic phonatory pattern. A new sign of EBSLN injury." FP

16:00-16:15Pedro Amarante Andrade, "Clinical investigation of the effects of surface neuromuscular electrical stimulation on subjects with unilateral vocal fold paralysis at the median and paramedian positions" FP

16:15-16:30Susana Vaz-Freitas, "Voice Therapy onset and it`s long term impact in Quality of Life – results of a cohort of Unilateral Vocal Fold Paralysis patients" FP

16:30-17:00 Coffee break

17:00-19:00 Workshops and sessions III


New insights into voice sciences, chairs: Nathalie Henrich Bernardoni and Sten Ternström


17:00-17:15Ingo R. Titze, "The next generation of models for voice simulation" FP

17:15-17:30Marion Semmler, "Glottis-Analysis-Tools: Automated high-speed videoendoscopy analysis of vocal fold vibrations" FP

17:30-17:45Nathalie Henrich Bernardoni, "Standard and extreme mix voice in modern singing" FP

17:45-18:00Huanchen Cai, "Phonation Type Classification on the Voice Map of Normophonic Adults and Children" FP

18:00-18:15Zhaoyan Zhang, "Effect of laryngeal and epilaryngeal adjustments on oral vibratory sensation at different semi-occluded vocal tract configurations" FP

18:15-18:30Nathalie Henrich Bernardoni, "Towards a biomimetic mechatronic testbed for voice and speech" FP

18:30-18:45Timothée Maison, "A new approach to measure vocal tract resonances. Application to a modern-singing case study" FP





17:00-18:00Danila Satragno, "Vocal Care training and mental techniques for the mix voice" ws


18:00-19:00Katrien Van Opstal, "The singer inside out" ws





17:00-19:00FINNISH VOICE ERGONOMICS SESSION, chair: Sofia Holmqvist-Jämsén RT



17:00-18:00Jenevora Williams, "What style of practitioner are you?" ws


18:00-19:00Inga Paulsen, "Public Speaking: Arouse true feelings with your voice" ws




17:00-18:00Marco Fantini, "SOVTraining: a multidisciplinary approach to vocal tract semi-occlusion for voice training" ws

18:00-19:00R. Eugenia Chávez Calderón, "Occupational voice training" ws


ELS—Sulcuses and scars, chair: Michal Zabrodsky

17:00-17:15Yakubu Karagama, "How to approach the glottic scar" FP

17:15-17:30Teemu Kinnari, "Anterior glottic web - treatment options" FP

17:30-17:45Ahmed Geneid, "Vocal fold augmentation - Materials, approaches and results"  FP

17:45-18:00Miro Tedla (presenting Markus Hess), "Type I thyroplasty- Materials, approaches and results" FP


Voice Pedagogy—Cognitive aspects, chair: Filipa M.B. Lã


17:00-17:15Elisabeth Pawelke, "Functional orientation in methodology and didactics in voice pedagogy at music schools" FP


17:15-17:30Julia Merrill, "Singing and making music in senior-focused ensembles" FP

17:30-17:45Katri A. Keskinen, "Examining voice teacher professionalism: a case study on popular music voice teacher education in Sweden" FP

17:45-18:00Camila Bruder, "The role of typicality in singing voice preferences" FP

18:00-18:15Teija Waaramaa, "Musical interests support emotion identification of children with migrant background" FP

18:15-18:30Lucia Cossu, "Joints and voice: do voice production reacts to joints dysfunctionality far from vocal tract? some cases and an hypothesis" FP

18:30-18:45Joana Mariz, "Application of the VPA for perceptual assessment of voice quality in medium and high ranges in singing: preliminary findings" FP

18:45-19:00Izabela Jezowska, "The significance of imagination and elements of visualisation in selected voice exercise methods" FP

26.08 FRIDAY

7:15-8:00 Morning swim at the Kalarand winter swim area

9:00-10:00 KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Graham Welch, "The Nature and Significance of the Singing Behaviour and Development of Children and Young People", chair: David Howard CONCERT HALL

10:00-12:00 Workshops and sessions IV


CoMeT, chair: R. Eugenia Chávez Calderón


10:00-10:15Andrea Ricci-Maccarini,"The “VLS parameters form” for the collection of videolaryngostroboscopy (VLS) basic findings" FP

10:15-10:30Allan Vurma, "Pitch induced passive voice "covering" of the singing voice" FP

10:30-10:45Adi Primov-Fever, "Songbirds Must Sing: How Artistic Voice Users Perceive Their Voice in Times of COVID-19" FP

10:45-11:00Orietta Calcinoni, "Back to the future: current value of the texts of Italian laryngologists and singing teachers of the late nineteenth - early twentieth century" FP

11:00-11:15Ahmed Geneid, "How I do surgical interventions in artistic voice" FP

11:15-11:30R. Eugenia Chávez Calderón, "Indirect Endoscopical Phonosurgery and Rehabilitation in artistic voice" FP

11:30-11:45Ilter Denizoglu, "Muscle specific strategies in management of glottal gaps in professional voice" FP

11:45-12:00Ofer Amir, "A new two-dimensional scheme for arranging voice disorders" FP




10:00-11:00Maria Korepanova, "Vocal therapy of Besermyan krez" ws













11:00-12:00Izabela Jezowska, "KinEmission - the role of inverted Aerial-Yoga positions in the voice release" ws




10:00-11:00Helene Lux Dryselius and Susanna Metsistö, "BiP™ Voice Training workshop - CCM singingws

11:00-12:00Helene Lux Dryselius and Susanna Metsistö, "BiP™ Voice Training workshop - classical singingws


Voice Pedagogy—Pitch and timbre, chair: Christian Herbst


10:00-10:15Marcelo Saldías, "The upper vocal tract contribution on the auditory perception of twang" FP

10:15-10:30Marcelo Saldías, "Contribution of twang on vocal economy in Contemporary Commercial Music singers" FP

10:30-10:45Peter Cookson, "Factors affecting the timbral characteristics of barbershop singing " FP

10:45-11:00Marek Frič, "Effect of training with a simple overtone flute on the voice production" FP

11:00-11:15Marek Frič, "Comparison of voice properties between opera and pop female singers" FP

11:15-11:30Samyukta Ranganathan, "Acoustic themes of range and ornamentation in Carnatic repertoire" FP

11:30-11:45Anna Karlsson, "Sing healthily and consciously - The Dilaton (diaphragma, larynx, tongue) Method and its application in classical singing" FP

11:45-12:00Eleonora Bruni and Erika Biavati, "Growl, Scream and Whistle. Can extreme voice training improve normal singing capabilities?" FP


10:00-11:00Tua Hakanpää, "Using a parameter modulation technique in teaching emotion expression in singing" ws

11:00-12:00Lucia Cossu, "Joints and voice: Do voice production reacts to joints dysfunctionality far from vocal tract? Some cases and an hypothesis" ws


10:00-11:00Tamas Altorjay, "Classical Singing voice warm-up" ws

11:00-12:00Katrien Van Opstal, "Vocal jazz technique" ws


10:00-11:00Heleen Grooten-Bresser, "In an unspoken voice, trauma and voice therapy" ws

12:00-12:30 Coffee break

12:30-14:00 Workshops and sessions V







Singing Masterclass: 

"Integrating energy work

and transformational breathing" 

chair: Susan Yarnall Monks 


Basic Science—Modelling, chair: Peter Pabon


12:30-12:45Florian Scheible, "Effect of VF manipulations on the elasticity of its tissue investigated with the Pipette aspiration technique" FP


12:45-13:00Raphael Lamprecht, "Effects of elongation and adduction on the vocal fold tissue measured by ultrasound elastography" FP

13:00-13:15Hugo Lehoux, "Investigation of electroglottographic waveshapes using a kinematic model of the vocal fold vibrations" FP

13:15-13:30Mario Fleischer, "Shedding light on the coupling of acoustic and fluid dynamic energy for voice production" FP

13:30-13:45Anna Tuhkuri Matvejeff, "Effects of various respiratory activities on human aerosol emissions - experimental design and preliminary results" FP

13:45-14:00Orietta Calcinoni, "Monitoring particulate emission, vocal and respiratory dynamics in choristers professional of Italian art of opera singing" FP




12:30-14:00Tools for phonosurgery, chair: Markus Hess RT

Michal Zabrodsky

James P. Thomas

Ahmed Geneid

Andrea Ricci-Maccarini

Lauri Maisvee




12:30-13:30Ilse Heus and Hanneke Bax, "Voice Buddy: The use of apps in voice therapyws


Medical—Neurolaryngology, chair: Virgilijus Ulozas

12:30-12:45Annabella Kurz, "Electrical surface stimulation in early unilateral vocal fold paralysis" FP

12:45-13:00Matthias Leonhard, "Towards laryngeal pacing: Development of the novel ECE50 endoscopic cap for functional electric stimulation of the posterior cricoarythenoid muscle in an animal model" FP

13:00-13:15Berit Schneider-Stickler, "Electrostimulation of internal branch of supralaryngeal nerve (iSLN) or thyroarytenoid/lateral cricoarytenoid muscles (TA/LCA) for the treatment of spasmodic dysphonia and voice tremor" FP

13:15-13:30Silvia Capobianco, "Electroacoustic analysis of voice as an early marker of neurodegenerative diseases" FP


Basic Science—Measurements and estimations, chair: Sten Ternström

12:30-12:45Marcin Wlodarczak, "Classification of phonation types based on microphone, throat accelerometer and voice source analysis" FP

12:45-13:00Hanna Vertanen-Greis, "The interaction between voice disorders and stress for work ability of teachers" FP

13:00-13:15Stefanie Rummel, "Different singing styles and 3D MRI data analysis: Vocal tract configurations and acoustic properties derived from Estill Voice Training® Qualities" FP

13:15-13:30Anna Lundblad, "Evaluation of visual feedback in subglottal pressure measurements: A methodological study" FP

13:30-13:45Annelies Labaere, "VOICE-TT: an online Training Tool for auditory-perceptual evaluation of Voice" FP





12:30-13:30ESLA—Tools for vocal rehabilitation/paediatric therapy, chair: Norma Camilleri RT 


Dario Strangis

Meeri Kompus 

14:00-15:00 Lunch break

14:15-15:00 Poster presentations at the old EMTA building, in the foyer on the 2nd floor

15:00-16:00 KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Heidi Christensen, "Clinical Applications of Speech Technology", chair: Dirk Mürbe CONCERT HALL

16:00-18:00 Workshops and sessions VI


16:00-17:00Hanneke Bax, "Vocal performers; speech as a connecting subject in music theatre" ws


17:00-18:00Jeremy Fisher, "Get on, sing, get off! phonation and musical note onsets and offsets as emotional cues in singing" ws


16:00-17:00Gertie Van den Driessche and Charlotte Vande Woestyne, "The hearing as a predictive tool for objective voice analysis and laryngostroboscopy" ws


17:00-18:00Eve Lukk, "Reclaiming a new identity through therapeutic voicework and singing for people with neurological damage" ws


16:00-17:00Anne-Liis Poll, "Voice Gamesws

17:00-18:00Birte Heckmann, "From Stagefright to Stage-Delightws


16:00-18:00Singing voice therapy: A multiaxial approach, chair: Ilter Denizoglu RT

Lisa Popeil
Orietta Calcinoni
Aude Julien Laferriere
Haldun Oguz
Ismail Kocak


Basic Science—Professional singing related, chair: David Howard


16:00-16:15Johan Sundberg, "Subglottal pressure and glottal resistance in two opera singers’ expression of emotion. A study of voice source and long-term average spectrum" FP

16:15-16:30Tiago Lima Bicalho Cruz, "Vocal tract and acoustic measurements in the countertenor singing" FP

16:30-16:45Tiago Lima Bicalho Cruz, "Voice Source and Facial Expressions in Opera Singers - A pilot study" FP

16:45-17:00Patrick Hoyer, "Relevance of vocal tract and subglottal impedance in vocal training" FP

17:00-17:15Alexis Dehais-Underdown, "Human Beatboxing: Laryngeal Articulations" FP

17:15-17:30Gerardo Acosta Martinez, "Vibrato dynamics in group singing: Understanding vibrato behaviour through dynamical systems theory" FP

17:30-17:45Peter Pabon, "Spectrum features that constitute the singers formant" FP


Miscellaneous—Coping with voice problems, chair: Teija Waaramaa

16:00-16:15Filipa M.B. Lã, "Menopausal Voice-Related Work Limitation Scale (MenoVWL)" FP

16:15-16:30Ana M. Ramirez, "Does voice matter to female teachers during menopause?" FP

16:30-16:45Emma Lindström, "How older adults relate to their own voices: a qualitative study of subjective experiences of the ageing voice" FP

16:45-17:00Sharon Mari, "An investigation into the psychological impact of a vocal injury on the professional voice user" FP

17:00-17:15Viveka Lyberg Åhlander, "The effects of screen-based communication on older adults' self-assessments of voice and effort, a pilot study" FP

17:15-17:30Nicole Li-Jessen, "A survey study on stigma against vocal illness among professional singers and actors" FP

17:30-17:45Aparna Ramachandran, "Self-reported voice problems in classical singers: a systematic review of vocal symptoms, assessment methods and associated factors" FP

17:45-18:00Aparna Ramachandran, "How do singers cope with voice problems? a qualitative exploration of the perceptions of western classical and Carnatic singers, singing teachers and speech and language therapists (SLT)" FP





16:00-17:30UEP—Instrumental examination of the voice patient, chair: Ahmed Geneid RT

Andrea Ricci Maccarini
Matthias Echternach
James P. Thomas

Dirk Mürbe

19:20 Singing and group picture at the Song Festival Grounds; buses to the Song Festival Grounds depart at 18:35,18:40 and 18:45

27.08 saturday

9:00-10:00 KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Jenny Iwarsson, "Principles of Clinical Voice Therapy", chair: Norma Camilleri CONCERT HALL

10:00-10:30 Coffee break

10:30-13:00 Workshops and sessions VII


10:30-12:00Voice Science—do we need it? Finding meeting points between the science and the craft, chair: Gillyanne Kayes RT

Irene Bartlett

Nathalie Henrich  Bernardoni

Allan Vurma

Christian Herbst

Kristen Schötteldreier


12:00-13:00Stefanie Rummel, "Different singing styles - How to use voice research in voice pedagogy? Using insights from the 3D MRI study (Institute of Musicians Medicine, Freiburg) and from Estill Voice Training" ws


10:30-11:30James P. Thomas, "Neurolaryngology" ws

12:00-13:00Sølvi Elise Halvorsen, "I Sing the Body Electric - improvisation and body work for singers" ws


10:30-11:30Ilter Denizoglu, "DoctorVox Voice Therapy Techniquews

12:00-13:00Eleonora Bruni, "Supraglottic Extreme Voice Workshop" ws


10:30-11:30María Borragan Salcines, "How to easily hydrate and lubricate the vocal folds for improving phonation" ws


Medical—Vocal folds' assessment, chair: Maja Šereg-Bahar


12:00-12:15Isaac Shochat, "DIY in laryngology – low-cost stroboscopy" FP

12:15-12:30Virgilijus Ulozas, "Voice pathology assessment through the smartphone in clinical setting" FP


10:30-11:30Dirk Mürbe, "3D videostrobolaryngoscopy - new perspectives for diagnostics and teaching phonosurgery" ws


Miscellaneous—Voice changes in time, chair: Orietta Calcinoni

12:00-12:15Teija Waaramaa, "News anchors’ fundamental frequency from the 1990’s to 2020’s in Finland. A pilot study." FP

12:15-12:30Catherine Herrgott, "Acoustic characteristics of spoken and sung vowels in Corsican: comparison of texts interpreted in 1916 and in 2020" FP

12:30-12:45Jaan Ross, "Historical sound recordings from Berlin: Their scope and possible diachronic language changes" FP


12:00-13:00Ilter Denizoglu, "The corridor exercise: A combined approach for registration" ws

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-16:00 Workshops and sessions VIII




14:00-15:00Erika Biavati, "Whistle Register Workshop" ws


15:00-16:00 Ilter Denizoglu, "Semioccluded Vocal Tract Exercises" ws




14:00-15:00Rebecca Moseley-Morgan, "Working with the mature female voice: A research-based model designed to enable the mature female singer sustain vocal competency and healthy" ws


15:00-16:00Lucia Cossu, "Beyond Relaxation: unlock from defensive veto, a rationale on voice and defensive kinetics." ws




14:00-15:00Corinne Mager, "Merging science & art: Estill voice training" ws

15:00-16:00Erkki Bianco, "Sound and airflow directivity. The “poussé-tiré” or “front-bow back-bow”of the voice technique" ws


Medical—Self evaluation, chair: Kristel Kalling

14:00-14:15Staffan Morén, "Patient-reported voice improvement after phonosurgery: Swedish phonosurgery register 2009 - 2020" FP

14:15-14:30Emma Richards, "Management of spasmodic dysphonia in the COVID era" FP

14:30-14:45Susana Vaz-Freitas, "Voice Handicap Index-10: Validation of the European Portuguese Version" FP

14:45-15:00Susana Vaz-Freitas, "Presbylarynx: Using cut-off values in auto-assessment questionnaires to predict glottal gap patterns" FP

15:00-15:15Filipa M.B. Lã, "COVID19 compulsory facemask use and its impacts on Voice Handicap Index on Portuguese and Spanish speakers" FP




14:00-15:00Curriculum content of voice physiology and voice health in professional singing education, chair: Dirk Mürbe RT

Filipa M.B. Lã

Ulla Raiskio

Marina Sandel

Tamás Altorjay

 Allan Vurma

Voice Pedagogy—Miscellaneous, chair: Mathias Aaen

15:00-15:15Christian T. Herbst, "From sound intensity to loudness – a perceptually oriented augmentation of the voice range profile" FP

15:15-15:30Silvia Capobianco, "Assessing acoustic parameters in early music and western operatic singing" FP

15:30-15:45Rebecca Moseley-Morgan, "Can anything be done pedagogically to enable the mature female singer to sustain vocal competency and health?" FP

15:45-16:00Tamas Altorjay, "Comparison of two special warming up sections on the singing voice" FP


Medical—Varia, chair: Haldun Oguz

14:00-14:15Maja Šereg Bahar,  "Laryngopharyngeal reflux as a cause of benign lesions of the vocal folds" FP

14:15-14:30Jacob Cohen, "The role of voice rest after micro-laryngeal surgery for benign vocal fold lesions" FP

14:30-14:45Tetiana A. Shydlovska, "Qualitative characteristics of the voice state in patients with functional dysphonia according videolaringostroboskopy" FP

14:45-15:00Dins Sumerags, "Analyzing the etiopathogenetic markers of chronic hyperplastic laryngitis with formation of vocal nodules" FP

15:00-15:15R. Eugenia Chávez Calderón, "How respiratory and food allergies affect voice production and their treatment" FP

15:15-15:30Jurjaan Snelleman, "Retrograde cricopharyngeal dysfunction, my first 100 patients" FP

16:00-16:30 SPECIAL GUEST: Ingo Titze, "The Science Underlying Semi-Occluded Vocal Tract Phonation", chair: Ahmed Geneid CONCERT HALL

16:30-17:30 Closing ceremony CONCERT HALl

28.08 SUNDAY

pOST-conference additional events

We might make some slight changes in the schedule.

In this case, all authors who these changes are related to, will be contacted.


Basic Science—Mathias Aaen session, chair: Gillyanne Kayes

15:30-15:45Mathias Aaen, "Healthy Extreme Vocals – a retrospective longitudinal study of vocal health in 20 singers performing and teaching rough vocal effects" FP

15:45-16:00Mathias Aaen, "Degree of thyroid tilt on same-pitch phonation as determined by phonation density - correlating endoscopic assessments with EGG measures" FP 

16:00-16:15Mathias Aaen, "Deconstructing timbre into 5 physiological parameters: Vocal Mode, Amount of Metal, Degree of Density, Size of Larynx, and Sound Colouring" FP

16:15-16:30Mathias Aaen, "Extreme vocal effects distortion, Growl, Grunt, Rattle, and Creaking as measured by electroglottography and acoustics in 32 healthy professional singers" FP



15:30-16:30Phonosurgery in voice professionals, chair: Dirk Mürbe RT

Orietta Calcinoni

Erkki Bianco

Ahmed Geneid

Markus Hess

Virgilijus Ulozas



15:30-16:30Lisa Popeil, "Learning to hear discrete sounds" ws



15:30-16:30Joana Mariz, "The use of dynamic body posture in the building of efficient phono-respiratory coordination for singing: exploring the GDS, Motor Coordination and the Bertazzo Methods ws

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