detailed conference programme







pre-conference additional events

09:00-16:00 Pre-conference workshop on phono surgery (not part of PEVOC14 programme, for additional fee) at the North Estonia Medical Centre

pevoc14 programme

9:00-19:00 Registration LOBBY

18:00-19:00 KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Allan Vurma, "Crossover Between Singing and Science", chair: Henrich Bernardoni CONCERT HALL

19:00-21:00 Welcome reception LOBBY

20:00-22:00 Tallinn Ghost & Legends Tour (not part of PEVOC14 programme, for additional fee)

25.08 thursday

09:15-10:00 Opening ceremony CONCERT HALL

10:00-11:00 KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Johan Sundberg, "The NOSE: Acoustic Properties and Effects on Phonation", chair: Markus Hess CONCERT HALL

11:00-11:30 Coffee break

11:30-13:30 Workshops and sessions I






11:30-12:30Elizabeth Ebbink, "Intimacy, power, connection, courage in business voices" ws

12:30-13:30Lisa Popeil, "Comparative commercial vocal styles" ws





11:30-12:30Mauro Barro Fiuza, "Phonation types: relations among artistic expression, healthy voice production and voice efficiency" ws


12:30-13:30Ville Laaksonen, "Mindful listening - an approach to impactful vocal expression" ws



11:30-13:30 BiP™ Voice Training session—Presentation of Balance in Phonation Voice Training, Helene Lux Dryselius and Susanna Metsistö RT



Basic Science—Topics of wider interest, 

chair: Dirk Mürbe

11:30-11:45David M. Howard, "Recent updates to the Vocal Tract Organ" FP


11:45-12:00Kati Järvinen, "Do acoustic characteristics of voice and speech indicate events of learning process?" FP

12:00-12:15Mario Fleischer, "Towards accurate modeling of speech sound radiation using a realistic head geometry" FP

12:15-12:30Gláucia Laís Salomão, "Listening to other’s emotions: a fMRI case-study on empathy arising from emotional voices" FP

12:30-12:45Jenni Lättilä, "Data mining operatic fachs" FP

12:45-13:00Benjamin Haas, "Advances in the optical design for laser-based 3D high-speed imaging of vocal folds" FP

13:00-13:15May Poon, "The influence of speakers’ speech quality on listeners’ purchase intention" FP




11:30-12:30Kirsti Leppänen, "Purento -  Learn new techniques for easing your client's muscle tensions!" ws





11:30-12:30 Teun Michiels and Annelies Labaere, "Manual laryngeal therapy and singing lessons: the impact of an integrated approach" mc



12:30-13:30Kein Wilson, "Navigating the Musical Theatre Filter(s): A Vowel Guided Approach" ws


UEP—Feminization, chair: Ahmed Geneid

11:30-11:45Teemu J. Kinnari, "Wendler-glottoplasty, Helsinki experience since 1995" FP

11:45-12:00Kursat Yelken, "Tensioning Glottoplasty; a novel technique for voice feminization" FP

12:00-12:15Markus Hess, "Feminization of voice" FP

12:15-12:30James P. Thomas, "Feminization laryngoplasty with thyrohyoid elevation" FP

12:30-12:45Ahmed Geneid, "Pitfalls and tricks in glottoplasty and LAVA: how I increase the pitch of voice?" FP

12:45-13:00Britt Bøyesen,"Voice modification - the effect of the techniques twang and medialising in trans women" FP

13:00-13:15Gamze Yesilli Puzella,"A comprehensive communication program for male-to-female transgender individuals" FP



Voice Therapy—Different methods , chair: Baiba Trinite

11:30-11:45Pedro Amarante Andrade, "Pressure, flow, and glottal behaviour comparison between the Acapella Choice device and silicone tube phonation" FP

11:45-12:00Sol Ferrán, "Significance of the relative fundamental frequency in biomechanical phonatory disorders" FP

Voice Therapy—Evaluation, analysis, goals, chair: Jenny Iwarsson

12:00-12:15Baiba Trinite, "The investigation of voice ergonomics factors in choir conductors" FP

12:15-12:30Eeva Sala, "A Voice Ergonomic Tool - Amplification – a solution to decrease voice loading" FP

12:30-12:45Susanna Whitling, "Evolution of the VLT with specific controlled vocal demands to quantify vocal effort and vocal demand response" FP

12:45-13:00Kathrin Heeg,  "Possible long-term effects of a voice prevention program in former student teachers" FP


 Bioacoustics, chair: Christian Herbst

12:30-12:45Coen P.H. Elemans, "Vocal neuromechanics: Embodied motor control of the animal voice" FP

12:45-13:00Sven Grawunder, "Prospects and problems of comparing functional larynx morphology in human primates" FP

13:00-13:15Takeshi Nishimura, "Vocal anatomy and physiology: similarities and differences between humans and nonhuman primates" FP

13:15-13:30Andrea Ravignani, "The evolution of rhythm: A comparative approach" FP

13:30-14:30 Lunch break

14:30 -15:30 KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Matthias Echternach, Vocal Instabilities in Physiology and Pathophysiology, chair: Ahmed Geneid CONCERT HALL

15:30-16:30 Workshops and sessions II





15:30-16:30EVTA president Susan Yarnall Monks, "Voice Care Corner Workshop" ws





15:30-16:30Felicita Brusoni, "A voice beyond the edge – exploring the borders of voice" ws





15:30-16:30Helene Lux Dryselius and Susanna Metsistö, "BiP™ Voice Training workshop - Speaking voicews


Medical—VF pareses/paralyses, chair: Berit Schneider-Stickler

15:30-15:45Linda Sõber, "Voice and swallowing disorders after thyroid surgery" FP


15:45-16:00Secundino Fernández, "Aerodynamic phonatory pattern. A new sign of EBSLN injury." FP

16:00-16:15Pedro Amarante Andrade, "Clinical investigation of the effects of surface neuromuscular electrical stimulation on subjects with unilateral vocal fold paralysis at the median and paramedian positions" FP

16:15-16:30Susana Vaz-Freitas, "Voice Therapy onset and it`s long term impact in Quality of Life – results of a cohort of Unilateral Vocal Fold Paralysis patients" FP


Basic Science—Mathias Aaen session, chair: Gillyanne Kayes

15:30-15:45Mathias Aaen, "Healthy Extreme Vocals – a retrospective longitudinal study of vocal health in 20 singers performing and teaching rough vocal effects" FP

15:45-16:00Mathias Aaen, "Degree of thyroid tilt on same-pitch phonation as determined by phonation density - correlating endoscopic assessments with EGG measures" FP 

16:00-16:15Mathias Aaen, "Deconstructing timbre into 5 physiological parameters: Vocal Mode, Amount of Metal, Degree of Density, Size of Larynx, and Sound Colouring" FP

16:15-16:30Mathias Aaen, "Extreme vocal effects distortion, Growl, Grunt, Rattle, and Creaking as measured by electroglottography and acoustics in 32 healthy professional singers" FP



15:30-16:30Phonosurgery in voice professionals, chair: Dirk Mürbe RT

Orietta Calcinoni

Erkki Bianco

Ahmed Geneid

Markus Hess

Virgilijus Ulozas



15:30-16:30Lisa Popeil, "Learning to hear discrete sounds" ws



15:30-16:30Joana Mariz, "The use of dynamic body posture in the building of efficient phono-respiratory coordination for singing: exploring the GDS, Motor Coordination and the Bertazzo Methods ws

16:30-17:00 Coffee break

17:00-19:00 Workshops and sessions III


New insights into voice sciences, chairs: Nathalie Henrich Bernardoni and Sten Ternström


17:00-17:15Ingo R. Titze, "The next generation of models for voice simulation" FP

17:15-17:30Marion Semmler, "Glottis-Analysis-Tools: Automated high-speed videoendoscopy analysis of vocal fold vibrations" FP

17:30-17:45Nathalie Henrich Bernardoni, "Standard and extreme mix voice in modern singing" FP

17:45-18:00Huanchen Cai, "Phonation Type Classification on the Voice Map of Normophonic Adults and Children" FP

18:00-18:15Zhaoyan Zhang, "Effect of laryngeal and epilaryngeal adjustments on oral vibratory sensation at different semi-occluded vocal tract configurations" FP

18:15-18:30Nathalie Henrich Bernardoni, "Towards a biomimetic mechatronic testbed for voice and speech" FP

18:30-18:45Timothée Maison, "A new approach to measure vocal tract resonances. Application to a modern-singing case study" FP





17:00-18:00Danila Satragno, "Vocal Care training and mental techniques for the mix voice" ws


18:00-19:00Katrien Van Opstal, "The singer inside out" ws





17:00-19:00FINNISH VOICE ERGONOMICS SESSION, chair: Elina Kankare RT



17:00-18:00Jenevora Williams, "What style of practitioner are you?" ws


18:00-19:00Inga Paulsen, "Public Speaking: Arouse true feelings with your voice" ws




17:00-18:00Marco Fantini, "SOVTraining: a multidisciplinary approach to vocal tract semi-occlusion for voice training" ws

18:00-19:00R. Eugenia Chávez Calderón, "Occupational voice training" ws


ELS—Sulcuses and scars, chair: Michal Zabrodsky


17:00-17:15Jakubu Karagama, "How to approach the glottic scar" FP

17:15-17:30Teemu Kinnari, "Anterior glottic web - treatment options" FP

17:30-17:45Ahmed Geneid, "Vocal fold augmentation - Materials, approaches and results"  FP

17:45-18:00Miro Tedla, "Type I thyroplasty- Materials, approaches and results" FP


Voice Pedagogy—Cognitive aspects, chair: Filipa M.B. Lã


17:00-17:15Elisabeth Pawelke, "Functional orientation in methodology and didactics in voice pedagogy at music schools" FP


17:15-17:30Julia Merrill, "Singing and making music in senior-focused ensembles" FP

17:30-17:45Katri A. Keskinen, "Examining voice teacher professionalism: a case study on popular music voice teacher education in Sweden" FP

17:45-18:00Camila Bruder, "The role of typicality in singing voice preferences" FP

18:00-18:15Teija Waaramaa, "Musical interests support emotion identification of children with migrant background" FP

18:15-18:30Lucia Cossu, "Joints and voice: do voice production reacts to joints dysfunctionality far from vocal tract? some cases and an hypothesis" FP

18:30-18:45Joana Mariz, "Application of the VPA for perceptual assessment of voice quality in medium and high ranges in singing: preliminary findings" FP

18:45-19:00Izabela Jezowska, "The significance of imagination and elements of visualisation in selected voice exercise methods" FP

26.08 FRIDAY

9:00-10:00 KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Graham Welch, "The Nature and Significance of the Singing Behaviour and Development of Children and Young People", chair: David Howard CONCERT HALL

10:00-12:00 Workshops and sessions IV


CoMeT, chair: R. Eugenia Chávez Calderón


10:00-10:15Andrea Ricci-Maccarini,"The “VLS parameters form” for the collection of videolaryngostroboscopy (VLS) basic findings" FP

10:15-10:30Allan Vurma, "Pitch induced passive voice "covering" of the singing voice" FP

10:30-10:45Adi Primov-Fever, "Songbirds Must Sing: How Artistic Voice Users Perceive Their Voice in Times of COVID-19" FP

10:45-11:00Orietta Calcinoni, "Back to the future: current value of the texts of Italian laryngologists and singing teachers of the late nineteenth - early twentieth century" FP

11:00-11:15Ahmed Geneid, "How I do surgical interventions in artistic voice" FP

11:15-11:30R. Eugenia Chávez Calderón, "Indirect Endoscopical Phonosurgery and Rehabilitation in artistic voice" FP

11:30-11:45Ilter Denizoglu, "Muscle specific strategies in management of glottal gaps in professional voice" FP

11:45-12:00Ofer Amir, "A new two-dimensional scheme for arranging voice disorders" FP




10:00-11:00Maria Korepanova, "Vocal therapy of Besermyan krez" ws













11:00-12:00Izabela Jezowska, "KinEmission - the role of inverted Aerial-Yoga positions in the voice release" ws




10:00-11:00Helene Lux Dryselius and Susanna Metsistö, "BiP™ Voice Training workshop - CCM singingws

11:00-12:00Helene Lux Dryselius and Susanna Metsistö, "BiP™ Voice Training workshop - classical singingws


Voice Pedagogy—Pitch and timbre, chair: Christian Herbst


10:00-10:15Marcelo Saldías, "The upper vocal tract contribution on the auditory perception of twang" FP

10:15-10:30Marcelo Saldías, "Contribution of twang on vocal economy in Contemporary Commercial Music singers" FP

10:30-10:45Peter Cookson, "Factors affecting the timbral characteristics of barbershop singing " FP

10:45-11:00Marek Frič, "Effect of training with a simple overtone flute on the voice production" FP

11:00-11:15Marek Frič, "Comparison of voice properties between opera and pop female singers" FP

11:15-11:30Samyukta Ranganathan, "Acoustic themes of range and ornamentation in Carnatic repertoire" FP

11:30-11:45Anna Karlsson, "Sing healthily and consciously - The Dilaton (diaphragma, larynx, tongue) Method and its application in classical singing" FP

11:45-12:00Eleonora Bruni and Erika Biavati, "Growl, Scream and Whistle. Can extreme voice training improve normal singing capabilities?" FP


10:00-11:00Tua Hakanpää, "Using a parameter modulation technique in teaching emotion expression in singing" ws

11:00-12:00Lucia Cossu, "Joints and voice: Do voice production reacts to joints dysfunctionality far from vocal tract? Some cases and an hypothesis" ws


10:00-11:00Tamas Altorjay, "Classical Singing voice warm-up" ws

11:00-12:00Katrien Van Opstal, "Vocal jazz technique" ws


10:00-11:00Heleen Grooten-Bresser, "In an unspoken voice, trauma and voice therapy" ws

12:00-12:30 Coffee break

12:30-14:00 Workshops and sessions V







Singing Masterclass: 

"Integrating energy work

and transformational breathing" 

chair: Susan Yarnall Monks 


Basic Science—Modelling, chair: Peter Pabon


12:30-12:45Florian Scheible, "Effect of VF manipulations on the elasticity of its tissue investigated with the Pipette aspiration technique" FP


12:45-13:00Raphael Lamprecht, "Effects of elongation and adduction on the vocal fold tissue measured by ultrasound elastography" FP

13:00-13:15Hugo Lehoux, "Investigation of electroglottographic waveshapes using a kinematic model of the vocal fold vibrations" FP

13:15-13:30Mario Fleischer, "Shedding light on the coupling of acoustic and fluid dynamic energy for voice production" FP

13:30-13:45Anna Tuhkuri Matvejeff, "Effects of various respiratory activities on human aerosol emissions - experimental design and preliminary results" FP

13:45-14:00Orietta Calcinoni, "Monitoring particulate emission, vocal and respiratory dynamics in choristers professional of Italian art of opera singing" FP




12:30-14:00Tools for phonosurgery, chair: Markus Hess RT

Michal Zabrodsky

James P. Thomas

Ahmed Geneid

Andrea Ricci-Maccarini

Lauri Maisvee




12:30-13:30Ilse Heus and Hanneke Bax, "Voice Buddy: The use of apps in voice therapyws


Medical—Neurolaryngology, chair: Virgilijus Ulozas

12:30-12:45Annabella Kurz, "Electrical surface stimulation in early unilateral vocal fold paralysis" FP

12:45-13:00Matthias Leonhard, "Towards laryngeal pacing: Development of the novel ECE50 endoscopic cap for functional electric stimulation of the posterior cricoarythenoid muscle in an animal model" FP

13:00-13:15Berit Schneider-Stickler, "Electrostimulation of internal branch of supralaryngeal nerve (iSLN) or thyroarytenoid/lateral cricoarytenoid muscles (TA/LCA) for the treatment of spasmodic dysphonia and voice tremor" FP

13:15-13:30Silvia Capobianco, "Electroacoustic analysis of voice as an early marker of neurodegenerative diseases" FP


Basic Science—Measurements and estimations, chair: Sten Ternström

12:30-12:45Marcin Wlodarczak, "Classification of phonation types based on microphone, throat accelerometer and voice source analysis" FP

12:45-13:00Hanna Vertanen-Greis, "The interaction between voice disorders and stress for work ability of teachers" FP

13:00-13:15Stefanie Rummel, "Different singing styles and 3D MRI data analysis: Vocal tract configurations and acoustic properties derived from Estill Voice Training® Qualities" FP

13:15-13:30Anna Lundblad, "Evaluation of visual feedback in subglottal pressure measurements: A methodological study" FP

13:30-13:45Annelies Labaere, "VOICE-TT: an online Training Tool for auditory-perceptual evaluation of Voice" FP





12:30-13:30ESLA—Tools for vocal rehabilitation/paediatric therapy, chair: Norma Camilleri RT 


Dario Strangis

Meeri Kompus 

14:00-15:00 Lunch break

14:15-15:00 Poster presentations at the old EMTA building, in the foyer on the 2nd floor

15:00-16:00 KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Heidi Christensen, "Clinical Applications of Speech Technology", chair: Dirk Mürbe CONCERT HALL

16:00-18:00 Workshops and sessions VI


16:00-17:00Hanneke Bax, "Vocal performers; speech as a connecting subject in music theatre" ws


17:00-18:00Jeremy Fisher, "Get on, sing, get off! phonation and musical note onsets and offsets as emotional cues in singing" ws


16:00-17:00Gertie Van den Driessche and Charlotte Vande Woestyne, "The hearing as a predictive tool for objective voice analysis and laryngostroboscopy" ws


17:00-18:00Eve Lukk, "Reclaiming a new identity through therapeutic voicework and singing for people with neurological damage" ws


16:00-17:00Anne-Liis Poll, "Voice Gamesws

17:00-18:00Birte Heckmann, "From Stagefright to Stage-Delightws


16:00-18:00Singing voice therapy: A multiaxial approach, chair: Ilter Denizoglu RT

Lisa Popeil
Orietta Calcinoni
Aude Julien Laferriere
Haldun Oguz
Ismail Kocak


Basic Science—Professional singing related, chair: David Howard


16:00-16:15Johan Sundberg, "Subglottal pressure and glottal resistance in two opera singers’ expression of emotion. A study of voice source and long-term average spectrum" FP

16:15-16:30Tiago Lima Bicalho Cruz, "Vocal tract and acoustic measurements in the countertenor singing" FP

16:30-16:45Tiago Lima Bicalho Cruz, "Voice Source and Facial Expressions in Opera Singers - A pilot study" FP

16:45-17:00Patrick Hoyer, "Relevance of vocal tract and subglottal impedance in vocal training" FP

17:00-17:15Alexis Dehais-Underdown, "Human Beatboxing: Laryngeal Articulations" FP

17:15-17:30Gerardo Acosta Martinez, "Vibrato dynamics in group singing: Understanding vibrato behaviour through dynamical systems theory" FP

17:30-17:45Peter Pabon, "Spectrum features that constitute the singers formant" FP


Miscellaneous—Coping with voice problems, chair: Anne-Maria Laukkanen

16:00-16:15Filipa M.B. Lã, "Menopausal Voice-Related Work Limitation Scale (MenoVWL)" FP

16:15-16:30Ana M. Ramirez, "Does voice matter to female teachers during menopause?" FP

16:30-16:45Emma Lindström, "How older adults relate to their own voices: a qualitative study of subjective experiences of the ageing voice" FP

16:45-17:00Sharon Mari, "An investigation into the psychological impact of a vocal injury on the professional voice user" FP

17:00-17:15Viveka Lyberg Åhlander, "The effects of screen-based communication on older adults' self-assessments of voice and effort, a pilot study" FP

17:15-17:30Nicole Li-Jessen, "A survey study on stigma against vocal illness among professional singers and actors" FP

17:30-17:45Aparna Ramachandran, "Self-reported voice problems in classical singers: a systematic review of vocal symptoms, assessment methods and associated factors" FP

17:45-18:00Aparna Ramachandran, "How do singers cope with voice problems? a qualitative exploration of the perceptions of western classical and Carnatic singers, singing teachers and speech and language therapists (SLT)" FP





16:00-17:30UEP—Instrumental examination of the voice patient, chair: Ahmed Geneid RT

Andrea Ricci Maccarini
Matthias Echternach
James P. Thomas

Dirk Mürbe

18:00-18:30 Coffee break

19:20 Singing and group picture at the Song Festival Grounds

27.08 saturday

9:00-10:00 KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Jenny Iwarsson, "Principles of Clinical Voice Therapy", chair: Norma Camilleri CONCERT HALL

10:00-10:30 Coffee break

10:30-13:00 Workshops and sessions VII


10:30-12:00Voice Science—do we need it? Finding meeting points between the science and the craft, chair: Gillyanne Kayes RT

Irene Bartlett

Nathalie Henrich  Bernardoni

Allan Vurma

Christian Herbst

Kristen Schötteldreier


12:00-13:00Stefanie Rummel, "Different singing styles - How to use voice research in voice pedagogy? Using insights from the 3D MRI study (Institute of Musicians Medicine, Freiburg) and from Estill Voice Training" ws


10:30-11:30James P. Thomas, "Neurolaryngology" ws

12:00-13:00Sølvi Elise Halvorsen, "I Sing the Body Electric - improvisation and body work for singers" ws


10:30-11:30Ilter Denizoglu, "DoctorVox Voice Therapy Techniquews

12:00-13:00Eleonora Bruni, "Supraglottic Extreme Voice Workshop" ws


10:30-11:30María Borragan Salcines, "How to easily hydrate and lubricate the vocal folds for improving phonation" ws


Medical—Vocal folds' assessment, chair: Maja Šereg-Bahar


12:00-12:15Isaac Shochat, "DIY in laryngology – low-cost stroboscopy" FP

12:15-12:30Virgilijus Ulozas, "Voice pathology assessment through the smartphone in clinical setting" FP


10:30-11:30Dirk Mürbe, "3D videostrobolaryngoscopy - new perspectives for diagnostics and teaching phonosurgery" ws


Miscellaneous—Voice changes in time, chair: Orietta Calcinoni

12:00-12:15Teija Waaramaa, "News anchors’ fundamental frequency from the 1990’s to 2020’s in Finland. A pilot study." FP

12:15-12:30Catherine Herrgott, "Acoustic characteristics of spoken and sung vowels in Corsican: comparison of texts interpreted in 1916 and in 2020" FP

12:30-12:45Jaan Ross, "Historical sound recordings from Berlin: Their scope and possible diachronic language changes" FP


12:00-13:00Ilter Denizoglu, "The corridor exercise: A combined approach for registration" ws

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-16:00 Workshops and sessions VIII




14:00-15:00Erika Biavati, "Whistle Register Workshop" ws


15:00-16:00 Ilter Denizoglu, "Semioccluded Vocal Tract Exercises" ws




14:00-15:00Rebecca Moseley-Morgan, "Working with the mature female voice: A research-based model designed to enable the mature female singer sustain vocal competency and healthy" ws


15:00-16:00Lucia Cossu, "Beyond Relaxation: unlock from defensive veto, a rationale on voice and defensive kinetics." ws




14:00-15:00Corinne Mager, "Merging science & art: Estill voice training" ws

15:00-16:00Erkki Bianco, "Sound and airflow directivity. The “poussé-tiré” or “front-bow back-bow”of the voice technique" ws


Medical—Self evaluation, chair: Kristel Kalling

14:00-14:15Staffan Morén, "Patient-reported voice improvement after phonosurgery: Swedish phonosurgery register 2009 - 2020" FP

14:15-14:30Emma Richards, "Management of spasmodic dysphonia in the COVID era" FP

14:30-14:45Susana Vaz-Freitas, "Voice Handicap Index-10: Validation of the European Portuguese Version" FP

14:45-15:00Susana Vaz-Freitas, "Presbylarynx: Using cut-off values in auto-assessment questionnaires to predict glottal gap patterns" FP

15:00-15:15Filipa M.B. Lã, "COVID19 compulsory facemask use and its impacts on Voice Handicap Index on Portuguese and Spanish speakers" FP




14:00-15:00Curriculum content of voice physiology and voice health in professional singing education, chair: Dirk Mürbe RT

Filipa M.B. Lã

Ulla Raiskio

Marina Sandel

Tamás Altorjay

 Allan Vurma

Voice Pedagogy—Miscellaneous, chair: Mathias Aaen

15:00-15:15Christian T. Herbst, "From sound intensity to loudness – a perceptually oriented augmentation of the voice range profile" FP

15:15-15:30Silvia Capobianco, "Assessing acoustic parameters in early music and western operatic singing" FP

15:30-15:45Rebecca Moseley-Morgan, "Can anything be done pedagogically to enable the mature female singer to sustain vocal competency and health?" FP

15:45-16:00Tamas Altorjay, "Comparison of two special warming up sections on the singing voice" FP


Medical—Varia, chair: Haldun Oguz

14:00-14:15Maja Šereg Bahar,  "Laryngopharyngeal reflux as a cause of benign lesions of the vocal folds" FP

14:15-14:30Jacob Cohen, "The role of voice rest after micro-laryngeal surgery for benign vocal fold lesions" FP

14:30-14:45Tetiana A. Shydlovska, "Qualitative characteristics of the voice state in patients with functional dysphonia according videolaringostroboskopy" FP

14:45-15:00Dins Sumerags, "Analyzing the etiopathogenetic markers of chronic hyperplastic laryngitis with formation of vocal nodules" FP

15:00-15:15R. Eugenia Chávez Calderón, "How respiratory and food allergies affect voice production and their treatment" FP

15:15-15:30Jurjaan Snelleman, "Retrograde cricopharyngeal dysfunction, my first 100 patients" FP

16:00-16:30 SPECIAL GUEST: Ingo Titze, "The Science Underlying Semi-Occluded Vocal Tract Phonation", chair: Anne-Maria Laukkanen CONCERT HALL

16:30-17:30 Closing ceremony CONCERT HALl

28.08 SUNDAY

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