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Tallinn Old Town Walking Tour


Join us for a fun and history-packed tour of the Tallinn Old Town. Learn from a knowledgeable local guide about the city, the local people and get to know Estonia in just 2-hours.

On this Old Town tour we’re cover all the most important sights of the medieval city. We’ll explore the Unesco World Heritage site from the bustling main streets to less known side alleys. You’ll see the beautiful old churches, unique merchant houses, historic town hall, and imposing city defenses. We’ll roam around the Toompea area of Old Town to take a look at the Parliament Building (Toompea Palace) and visit the picturesque viewing platforms.

Tallinn will impress you and surprise you at every turn.

Tour length: 2h

Tour price: 12€/per person

Tallinn Ghost & Legends Tour


Get to know the dark side of Tallinn’s Old Town on an evening ghost tour, when the tales of ghosts and murders are at their most frightening. Listen to spooky stories and local legends while exploring the city's medieval streets with a fun guide.

Learn about the gruesome and peculiar side of Tallinn’s medieval history from strange old laws to executioner’s daily life. Walk through the dark alleys to discover the many ghosts who haunt the city and frighten the living from black-robed monks to beautiful ladies. Hear your knowledgeable local guide tell you about the legends of Tallinn and folk stories of Estonia.

Tour length: 2h

Tour price: 12€/per person

Post-conference bog tour


Our bogs are the top-of-the-list attraction for every tourist willing to discover the Estonian countryside and wildlife. The bogs are places very dear to all Estonians and have been part of our culture for centuries. Bogs are thriving ecosystems and the home of countless animal and plant species, that often can be found nowhere else.

Take a trip to a beautiful bog near Tallinn with our expert guide. Learn about the flora and fauna of bogs and see why Estonians love to visit bogs so much both in summer and winter. Hike through the bog comfortably on a boardwalk, swim in the beautiful and clear bog lakes, and climb up a watchtower to see the sun set over the horizon. 


If the number of participants surpasses 20 people, we will also be offering a campfire dinner with locally sourced food and a local musician. It will not be possible to opt-out.

The dinner will include:

  • local fish made on a campfire

  • campfire baked potatoes with sour cream and chives

  • fresh garden salad

  • apple-quince wine Valgejõe Valge, made in a local wine farm, Valgejõe Veinivilla

Tour length: 6h

Tour price: 59€/per person

Campfire dinner price: 35€/per person

Viru bog at sunset
Swimming in a bog lake
Campfire fish
Arvo Pärt Centre

Visit to the Arvo Pärt centre


We invite visitors to explore the Arvo Pärt Centre building and learn more about our daily activities and our broader goals. By walking together through the Centre’s unique building, we will see what kinds of documents the Arvo Pärt archives hold and what they can tell us about the composer’s work. We will learn about the literature in the composer’s library, find out who has been the most significant interpreters of Arvo Pärt’s music for the composer himself, and why the building includes a chapel and a lookout tower.

The tour also allows visitors to glimpse some of Arvo Pärt’s manuscripts and listen to his music.

It is also possible to watch a short documentary film (20 min) about Arvo Pärt and his work.

Tour length: 3h

Tour price: 20€/per person

Day trip to Hiiumaa


Join us for a fun day exploring Hiiumaa, the second biggest island in Estonia. During this 14-hour tour, our local guides take you on an exciting trip around the island to discover the secret spots and local stories. See why the Guardian listed Hiiumaa as one of the best European islands … that you’ve probably never heard of.

Hiiumaa is just the right size for you to take one day to discover the local sights. We’ll start early in Tallinn and drive to Rohuküla port to catch a ferry to Hiiumaa. The ferry takes about 1,5h to reach the island and during the boat ride, you can take the time to admire the coastline. On Hiiumaa, we take in the quiet island life that makes Tallinn seem like a fast pace busy metropolis. Here, caught between the forest and the sea the time might seem to have stopped.

You’ll climb up historic lighthouses like Kõpu and Tahkuna; discover a man-made small desert in the middle of the island; and explore a Soviet army underground bunker. Along the way, we’ll see little villages and beautiful nature. You’ll learn about the island’s traditions and wool making at an old wool factory and visit the romantic Kassari Chapel with an old graveyard. We circle the island with the tour before we catch a ferry back to the mainland and drive to Tallinn.

During the day on Hiiumaa, we also stop for lunch at a local restaurant. The location of the lunch is subject to availability and the meal is not included in the price of the tour.

Tour length: 14h

Tour price: 90€/per person

Day trip to Lahemaa


Join us for an amazing day in the Lahemaa National Park. Explore with us the Estonian countryside that is home to towering pine forests, picturesque coastline, and mysterious bogs. Discover with us stories and places you would never stumble across on your own.

Our knowledgeable local guides are taking you for a fun-filled day in the Lahemaa National Park. We will take you from the biggest natural waterfall in Estonia to the hidden old manor houses like Kolga or Sagadi; from mesmerizing forests to romantic little coastal villages like Käsmu or Altja.

Bring your sense of adventure and be ready to hike through the Viru bog on a 3,5 km wooden trail over the wetland. Bogs are prominent in Estonian folklore and the places to let your imagination fly.

During the day we stop for lunch in the National Park so you can enjoy authentic Estonian food together with beautiful nature. The location of the lunch is subject to availability and the meal is not included in the price.

Tour length: 9h

Tour price: 70€/per person

Day trip to Tartu and Viljandi


Join this tour to discover two cities, Viljandi and Tartu, in just one day with a fun and knowledgeable local guide. We will take your private group to romantic lakeside Viljandi and to a culture-packed university town that is Tartu where you will learn about Estonian history and the local people.

Viljandi is a city at the heart of Estonia where history and tradition is combined with modernity. Viljandi has been titled the Estonian Folk Music Capital. You’ll walk around the beautiful historic city center, explore the ruins of Livonian Order’s castle with the surrounding park, and admire the tranquil lakeside. From Viljandi we will drive to Tartu a city that according to locals has a unique spirit.

Tartu is most famous for its university and so has a lively student vibe despite being one of the oldest cities in Estonia. You’ll learn much about Estonian culture and history by visiting Tartu and roaming around the second biggest city in the country. On this tour, we discover the historic city centre by visiting the beautiful Toomemäe park, Dome Church's ruins, Tartu University's main building, and the one-of-a-kind terracotta statues of St John church. You’ll also enjoy the lovely Emajõe riverside and quaint wood architecture at Supilinn.

During the day we also stop for lunch at a local restaurant. The location of the lunch is subject to availability and the meal is not included in the price of the tour.

Tour length: 12h

Tour price: 78€/per person

Tallinn Old Town Walking Tour
Tallinn Ghost & Legends Tour
Post-conference bog tour
Arvo Pärt centre
Hiiumaa day trip
Lahemaa day trip
Tartu an Viljandi day trip
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